2015 UTCA
Case Conference
November 28, 2015

A chance to grab a bite with the Accenture MDs and HR team!




UTCA’s Business Case Conference is a one-day consulting case competition for Canadian students held in downtown Toronto on November 28, 2015. BCC is the largest case competition at University of Toronto and caters to students with a high calibre of business acumen. The prize for first place winners this year is lunch with Accenture managing directors in management consulting. Finalists will receive a firm tour of Accenture.

   How does it work?

Applicants to the Business Case Conference will go through two rounds:

  •   1.    a preliminary screening round where candidates in a team of 3-4 submit a sample case, and

  •   2.   a detailed case analysis round to be judged on the day of the competition.
Participants will present their case on November 28th, and winners will be announced on the same day. In addition to presenting, attendants will be able to participate in workshops held by our corporate sponsors on the day of the conference.

   How do I apply?

The deadline for applications are open until November 13th 11:59PM EST! (but keep in mind your team will need to submit a preliminary case by the date).

To sign up, follow the link here for groups: https://goo.gl/vhOzVr) and here for individuals to be placed in groups:http://goo.gl/forms/JGKmmE4rsG

   How much does it cost?

The conference is $40/person for UofT students, and $55/person for external students. The cost will include lunch, refreshments and the social. We will email a link for payment once candidates have been accepted into the conference.

   Where is it?

The conference will be held at the Chestnut Conference Centre at 89 Chestnut Street.

UTCA is excited to announce its sponsors for this year's conference:

gold sponsor

silver sponsors



Interested? Apply by November 13, 2015.


Check back soon! The itinerary for the conference will be announced shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

   Do we have to apply in teams?

No. Students can apply individually and we will sort you into teams with other individuals. However, we do not guarantee all individual candidates will be sorted as it depends on the pool of applicants we receive. All presentations will be judged in teams comprised of 2-4 members.

   Can students from universities outside of University of Toronto apply?

Definitely! We welcome students from any degree, any year of study and any educational institutions.

   Do my team members all have to be from the same university?

No, but please make sure to write down each individual’s respective educational institution on the registration page in the additional informations session.

   What resources do I have to prepare for this case competition?

We recommend reading Case in Point, talking with established consultants, or simply brushing up on your business acumen. The most important thing is to have a clear logical breakdown of the problem, solution and recommendation. We also recommend creative solutions for extra points!

   Am I supposed to pay when I register?

No, we will prompt the applicants once they have been selected after the preliminary screening.

Additional questions? Contact us.

UTCA knows that education ought to extend far beyond the classroom. That’s why we strive to bring you a concrete and practical case competition that will equip you with the analytical and soft skills you need to excel in consulting.

If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to contact us at info@utconsulting.ca, and receive real-time updates by following us on our Facebook page.

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